Yogamatters driving success

Promoting growth through media and influencer engagement

We secured media coverage in key lifestyle, fitness, and national publications, focusing on 'best yoga mat' round-ups to position Yogamatters as a go-to brand. We researched and selected fitness and wellness influencers to amplify the campaign, enhance brand awareness, and engage established communities.
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Yogamatters driving success
Responsible for managing accounts, building strategy and organising LDN Pop Up.
The Brief

Yogamatters wanted to create drive brand awarenessand create a buzz around the Yogamatters’ yoga and wellness products,establishing them as a trusted brand. Our goal was to highlight the brand’s core values and sustainabilityefforts, showcasing eco-friendly yoga mats and clothing collections.

The Strategy

We decided that a combination of a hands-on event,influencer marketing, seeding focused events and a media relations campaignwould hit the key touchpoints required to meet our goals.  

The Tactics

We hosted an interactive yoga session at our Spring PR LDN pop-up event, allowing influencers to try Yogamatters products.  The event was recorded so that the influencers and brand had quality content to share.  We supported an influencer yoga retreat by providing products for use in their sessions.  We seeded Yogamatters’ mats to publications look to compile “Best Buy” lists.  Focusing on prominent, influential publications we ensured the brand appeared in publications like Glamour, Elle and Women’s Fitness, highlight them as the eco-friendly choice.  We secured ambassador coverage across various media outlets, emphasising the brand’s sustainability efforts and boosting its status as a top brand for yoga mats and props.

The Content

The interactive yoga session at our LDN Pop Up event brought in 20 influencers and media and the space, based in the East End of London, was spacious, atmospheric and edgy.  The team held back after the event and talked with the attendees about the brand and the products.  We also worked closely with the Digital Marketing Team behind the Yogamatters brand to identify the key publications driving sales so that we could capitalise on these and also, so that we could address any dip in traffic by approaching the publication with a new link or product.

The Results

Increased customer engagement, more Instagram followers and a rise in brand tags and mentions.  Importantly, all influencer content was genuine and unpaid, fostering trust and authenticity.

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